60 Minute Flips Course:

(Video Course)

This is a comprehensive and complete course on how to buy cheap domain names and sell them at a much higher price by doing what I call “in the moment marketing” and as little as 60 minutes. My techniques are NOT widely known are unique in many ways that will help give you that “UNFAIR” advantage. Using my non traditional methods will put you in the best position to Increase your profit potential to make a lot of instant cash. Buying and selling domain names this way has never before been so exciting and profitable!

You will get to peak over my shoulder and watch a Live 1.5 hour one on one coaching call replay video. You will also get loads of individual training videos that take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way of buying, setting up your sales page and listing it along with my selling techniques.


You will get my WarriorPlus Video Vault Treasure Chest. This bonus will guide you from as a vendor and show you everything that you will need to know to be a successful WarriorPlus seller. You will also get an Affiliate series so that you can also learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer on WarriorPlus.


Got my start working for the tv show called “Making Money” late night / early morning infomercial. Moved on to placing classified ads. Made over $1,000,000 a year in over 6,000 Newspapers with my ads. Later would be flown out to the Rich Jerk infomercial for a product testimony as one of the top 5 students. Later became a Volunteer Firefighter in eastern Washington.


60 minute flips was created through sweat, blood and tears over the past 14 months. At a time when I had to start over and hanging on financially by a thread I needed to create some fast immediate income for myself in order to help pay my ex wife’s and my bills. I ended up stumbling on a system that Would allow me to find, buy and Flip(sell) Domain Names in a little as 60 minutes at times, thus Became my “60 Minute Flips” system, course.

After 200+ hours, of over 90 students (average 1.5 -2 hours a call, on a live one on one coaching call and screen share on skype, I wanted to have an opportunity to not just teach 60 min flips but to also hear from my students over that 3 week period to see what they thought would be MOST helpful to add to this course. I heard from everybody and was now able to create this fun, profitable and comprehensive domain name flipping course.


Module 1: – Getting Started – (See The Proof!)


Module 2: – Live One on One Coaching Replay Video – (1.5 Hours)


Module 3: – Finding The Right Domain Names

(Episode 1) – Expired Domain Names – (Refining Your Searches)

(Episode 2) – Domain Data Mining – (Finding High Appraised Brandable Domain Names)

(Episode 3) – Using Google For Domain Name Ideas (Let Google Suggest Them)

(Episode 4) – Using Flippa To Find Research Domain Names Ideas


Module 4: – Adding Domains To Hosting – (Getting Them Ready in Minutes)


Module 5: – Quick Hosting Set-Up Cloning Tricks – (A Real Time Saver)


Module 6: – Pushing Domains To Buyer – (Transfer The Domain in Seconds)


Module 7: – Setting Up a WordPress website – (Fast and Easy)


Module 8: – Setting Up Your Sales Page (A-Z)

(Episode 1) – Sales Page Psychology – (Giving You That Unfair Advantage)

(Episode 2) – Editing Sales Page – (Using Paint Program To Edit Sales Page)

(Episode 3) – Setting Up a Countdown Clock – (Using Scarcity To Sell)


Module 9: – Listing Your Product/Offer on WarriorPlus (HowTo)

(Episode 1) Product Set Up on WarriorPlus

(Episode 2) Offer Set Up on WarriorPlus


Module 10: – Simple Marketing Techniques (Getting Those Eyeballs on Your Listing)

(Episode 1) – How To Edit Affiliate Commissions

(Episode 2) – How To Use Paid Ads on WarriorPlus and WarriorForum

(Episode 3) – Setting Up JV Contracts

(Episode 4) – Using FB To Recruit Affiliates and Make Sales


Module 11: Wrapping it Up – (Fun Homework Assignment)


BONUS: Warrior+ Plus Pro Videos:


(Episode 1) – Things a WarriorPlus Vendor Should Know (support Chat and Search)

(Episode 2) – Product Set Up on WarriorPlus

(Episode 3) – Offer Set Up on WarriorPlus

(Episode 4) – Setting Up JV Contracts

(Episode 5) – How To Edit Affiliate Commissions

(Episode 6) – How To Use Paid Ads on WarriorPlus and WarriorForum

(Episode 7) – Setting Up an Affiliates Individual Web Page

(Episode 8) – Google Analytics (Real Time Traffic)


(Episode 1) – Things a WarriorPlus Affiliate Should Know

(Episode 2) – Finding Great Offers – (Maximize Your Profit Potential)

(Episode 3) – Applying For Offers and Your Affiliate / Vendor Score


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